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From: Sigung Richard Clear
Internal Power Volumes 1-5
+ Special BONUS Training
  •  Essential Body and Mind Skills for Internal Power
  •  Build Root Like a Mountain
  • Have Impeccable Structure
  • Devastating Wave Power
Internal Power Skills are RARE for a reason!
The way that I learned Tai Chi, and the way that many other masters got it is probably not available to you.
And that's not anyone's fault- 
You just aren't in the right place, at the right time.
What's missing is direct transmission...
Which is a fancy way of saying, 
"learn by getting hit until you can hit others that way"
It's a bit of a brute method-
but is just visceral enough that most people can pick up on skills quickly.
The problem is that learn by example only works when you have an example to learn by.
Which means if you don't know anyone who has it- you arent going to learn it that way.
For most masters- who were taught like this...
They don't even have a different way to teach it.
Many of them, with HUNDREDS of students, don't even think you CAN teach the skills without direct contact and private lessons.
And for a long time, I didn't either.
I Spent YEARS, and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS Looking for a Better Way...
When I came across a master teaching a skill I already had- I SHUT UP AND LISTENED.
I wasn't just looking for nuances I was missing-
I was looking for as many ways to teach these skills as I could find.
I was looking to become a better TEACHER, just as I was a better Practitioner.
And nobody had the answer.
They all had pieces-
Pieces that I spent a long time putting together...
But In The End- It Was Worth It!
While I still give one on one time with my students, 
I could now teach the real steps to building internal power to an entire room!
And as I began to do this more and more...
I realized I could do this by video- without ever seeing someone in person.
And while they still had to work what I showed them- 
They tell me all the time how they jump YEARS ahead of their peers.
And You Can Too!
The Internal Power Series will give you all the tools and training to build Internal Power- even if you don't have frequent partners.
You will infuse every motion with FULL BODY POWER- 
even if they aren't from the Tai Chi forms.
That's because you won't be training forms...
You'll be training the body & mind skills you always see masters show, but rarely teach.
What You'll Get:
Internal Power Vol. 1
The Essential Keys of Internal Power
($197 Value)
The Essential Keys of Internal Power reveals the most essential, fundamental building blocks of Tai Chi's famous Internal Power.
It will teach you how to train and apply Sung (Relaxing / Softness), Zhong Ding (Central Equilibrium), the 3 Powers of Tai Chi, Whole-Body Breathing, and many more skills that are necessary to generate real Internal Power.
This DVD is a must have for both skilled and novice practitioners. It provides information that can be of use to anyone looking to increase their own Internal Power, and their understanding of true Tai Chi.
Internal Power Vol. 2
The Root of Internal Power
($197 Value)
The Root of Internal Power will take your Internal Power to the next level.
I've designed this series of drills and exercises so that you can develop high level Rooting skill from home – no Master required!
In this 2 disc set, you will discover how to build strong Root and use it for real-world Power.
You'll also build a mental focus that will allow you to remain calm and collected under pressure, and generate devastating force to send your opponents reeling back without exerting yourself.
Internal Power Vol. 3
The Structure of Internal Power
($197 Value)
You've probably got more Internal Power than you realize! But there's a roadblock to your ability to use it: 
Your Structure.
You've got to get your Body right. 
Your Body is the tool that allows you to USE your Internal Power, and it needs to be a well-honed instrument.
Your Structure and Alignment are the most critical factors.
Internal Power Vol. 4
The Wave of Internal Power
($197 Value)
When a tidal wave the size of hotel crashes into the beach, it's all the water that does the damage.
There is work that must be done if you want real Wave Power
In this program, you'll learn how to take the skills you've learned in previous lessons, and use wave motion to move your root quickly without losing integrity.
The amount of power that comes from wave is difficult to describe- whether its striking, pushing, neutralizing, or visual trickery, wave is a tool that should never be left behind!
Internal Power Vol. 5
The 3 Powers of Tai Chi
($197 Value)
A deep dive into the 3 Powers of Tai Chi-
First, we'll cover how to use the light / heaven body state for speed, evasion, and surprising power from a light touch.
Next, we cover the heavy / earth body state for even more power, stability, and protection.
But Tai Chi doesn't just use one or the other- it uses both AT THE SAME TIME!
And it doesn't even end there-
I also cover how to get the mind- and chi, involved more and more in the process until it feels like your opponent is dealing with an 800lb gorilla!
This 5-Volume Program Goes For Nearly $1000
And I know that my prices aren't for everyone. 
I charge what I do because I KNOW that it works-
And even students I train in person have thanked me for this course.
So let me ask you-
If all this did was get you past that wall you've been stuck behind in the next 30 days, would it be worth it?
I plan to deliver on this promise
and so much more
Because I strive to over-deliver every time!
So its time to make a decision:
I'll GIVE You all this for only $497
And then I'll give you access to a FREE BONUS COURSE that will take your skills EVEN FURTHER!
4oz Moves 1000lbs
& Hua Jin
($197 Value - Yours for FREE)
4oz Moves 1000lbs & Hua Jin
This program will teach you everything you need to know to use Tai Chi's famed light touch to move a full grown man who isn't going to let you.
  • Power Without Effort: multiple ways to use your whole body weight to generate force when it looks like you're doing nothing
  •  Secrets of Hua Jin: how to offset incoming force just enough to make it feel like your opponent is pressing into a brick wall- without them seeing it!
  •  Internal Power Mechanics: No force on force- and no obscure leverage trick- this is how to do it in any position, at any time.
 Picture This- In Just 30 Days:
Your balance is stronger than it's ever been...
Your legs feel like trees, Your root is deeper...
You feel like a wall when anyone pushes you...
You feel 50lbs lighter when you're in motion...
And you're not even halfway done with the training.
If You Want All This And More- BUY NOW
Internal Power 5-Volume Set
+ 4oz Moves 1000lbs
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Here's Just A Taste of What You're Going To Learn:
  • Sung: The special Relaxation method of Tai Chi for effortless power
  •  Zhong Ding: Tap into the Internal Power of the "Central Axis"
  •  The 3 Powers: One of Tai Chi Chuan's most essential methods of generating power and dispersing incoming force.
  • Tai Chi Breathing: A breathing method to power your body's health and movements
  • Make Gravity your Ally and harness the natural power of the Earth under your feet
  •  Generate Internal Power Effortlessly – The method actually REQUIRES relaxation!
  • Remain Stable, Strong, and Relaxed (even under strong pressure from an opponent)
  •  Become Nearly Unstoppable
  •  Build Even Deeper, Stronger Root Power to overwhelm anyone with basic Root
  •  Develop Positional Fa Jing (and send them flying even when they try to shove you)
  • Discover Sensitivity Training methods to feel inside yourself and others 
  •  Direct Force to any place you choose (even inside an opponent's body!)
  •  Feel and Manipulate an opponent's root
  •  Make these practices soft, relaxed, and Internal 
  •  The Body Mechanics of Internal Power
  •  Structure for Ba Gua, Hsing-I & Tai Chi
  • Structured Relaxation 
  •  Zhong Ding in Depth
  •  Body Mechanics for Internal Connection
  •  Maintaining Structure in Motion
  •  Spinal Alignment
  •  Practice For Being in the Center
  •  Shoulder Alignment & Function
  •  Using Chi Kung Postures to Test 
  •  Foot Position 
  •  Leg Alignment  
  •  Whole Body Integration 
  •  Standing Post for Arthritis Relief 
  • Wave Power Secrets REVEALED: Learn the secrets of wave power for Poison Hand, Fa Jin, and expert positioning skills!
  • Internal Wave Training Progression: If anyone tells you they can do internal wave, but can't externally- they're fooling themselves. But I'm going to show you how to do BOTH, and use the external to build the internal.
  • SHOCKING Whole Body Power: Lifting, Pushing, and Manipulating objects or people becomes far easier when you aren't straining to do it- you're using your whole body.
And Much More!
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